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Interior Project Design of the Apartment at Marksistskay Street, Moscow, 52 м². The project for a two-room apartment, Taganskaya Street, the serial building number is K-4/16, was developed by interior designer Svetlana Kapustina for a young family with a cat. In the process of redevelopment, we got a spacious kitchen-living room, a bedroom with access to a loggia, a bathroom and a hall with more space for storage. Bright apartment in a modern style.
Interior Design Project of an Apartment, apartment complex Silver, Moscow, 82 m². Three-room apartment project in Moscow, in the Silver apartment complex for a family with a child, a cat and a dog. It turned out to be a modern apartment with loft elements. Bright and cozy space with a kitchen-living room, a nursing room, a bedroom with a loggia, two bathrooms, a laundry room and dressing rooms. Visit our website for more details.
Design project private spa area, Moscow, 110 m² Design project of spa area with the pool. The total area is 110 m², it's located on the ground floor of the private house.
Interior design of a two-story house, Dublin, 116 m² The highlight of the layout - the bar on the swivel mechanism. There is a dishwasher right under the bar, in order to conveniently load the dishwasher, we can turn the bar counter. Also, this moment has an aesthetic function - we turn the bar counter to the window, have breakfast and enjoy the view of the garden, it even sounds beautiful :)
Design project of the Café & Bistro VENUE, Berlin, 126 m² Cozy, warm cafe, with the possibility to make a bar or restaurant in the evening in the future. The place is located at the intersection of two streets, in a lively, historic area. The menu concept is breakfast, a stylish presentation. You can independently assemble a set of fresh products for every taste throughout the day.
Design project for a photo studio, Berlin, 32 m² Hall photo studio complex shape, with two right angles, narrowed to the window. On the wide part of the wall, opposite the entrance is a chromakey, its width is 3 meters, attached to the ceiling. To work with chromakey, daylight is not needed, so its installation in the depth of the room is in our hands. By the window - a soft area with a sofa, neon and flowers. Such an arrangement of the sofa, allows, in the rest of the room, comfortable to place more than 20 chairs for master classes.
Interior design of a timber house, Vladimir region, 200 м² The main style of the interior is modern. Despite the fact that the house is wooden and made of timber, we had to completely get away from the impression that we are at the country house. The main solution for the walls, ceiling and floor was the wood, except for private bedrooms – there we just left wooden elements. The house smells of wood and has its natural charm, but modern furniture, light, technical equipment made the space absolutely cozy and homelike.
Design-project of an apartment in residential complex Rodnoi Gorod, Moscow, 74 m² The Interior is in modern style. Clear, minimalistic lines, natural textures, warm color combinations. In our projects we try to use only necessary furniture and decor, the lifestyle of the owners will add the necessary colors. Among the decorative techniques, we want to point out to the corner false curtain rod in the bedroom. A thick curtain on the wall with the TV creates the right mood, we assume that because of the corner window the room seems special. Also, as the curtain rod and curtains are of a decorative nature, it eliminates the need to decorate the wall in addition. The bedroom space is really small, the wall free from excessive decor makes it more spacious, easy on the eyes, emphasizes the luxury of the rest of the elements in the room.
Design-project of an apartment in residential complex Europa-City, st. Petersburg, 76 m² The interior design is made in a modern, laconic style. Clear, minimalistic lines, natural textures, warm color combinations create a cozy, enveloping atmosphere. Simplicity of the lines and the unusual decor show the identity of the owners, make the interior individual.
Design-project of a private house, Istra District, 200 m² Two-storey house, with the possibility to make a living space under the roof. On the first floor there are spacious kitchen-dining room and living room, entrance hall, guest bedroom, bathroom with bath, boiler room and utility room. We organized a storeroom out of the space under the stairs. The second floor is private – with bedrooms, library and private bathrooms.
Design-project of an apartment in residential complex Filigrad, 62 м² The customer is a young girl who works in the banking sector, she is often away on business trips. She likes to travel, spend free time with friends, visit theaters and exhibitions. Her favorite artist is Zorikto Dorzhiev, one of his paintings was the starting point in the development of the design concept, the picture itself was placed in the living area.
Design-project of a restaurant, moscow, 178 m² When developing the design concept, we started from: the history of the brand, the concept of menu, the understanding of location and target audience. The main idea is to create a bright, clean interior with a note of luxury, but without excessive details, where it is important to see food and the people you came with. The restaurant's room is free from partitions and high backs in the landing zone, from narrow passages and zones where visitors sit apart. On the contrary, a single common hall is preserved with the visibility of all guests in the establishment. People come to be together, landing closer to each other, enjoying the evening and food.
Design-project of a two-room apartment, in the block II-49 series, 46 м² The apartment is located in a panel, nine-storey house II-49 series, on the ninth floor. The total area of 46 m², Moscow. The main feature of this series of blocks is that almost all the walls, except those that separate the bathroom, are bearing.
A small room is given to the nursery, the highlight in which is a large cot-house. Decoration was intentionally made without bright color accents, children will add colors by themselves - toys, books, coloring. The second room is a living-bedroom with a large convertible sofa and plenty of storage space.
Studio apartment with bow window, 43 m² Interior is in a modern style with oriental elements. The customer, a beautiful young girl, travels a lot. It is inspired by the bright, sunny islands of Santorini, the white city of Sidi Bou Said, the doors and windows of houses in which are painted blue, the islands of Malta with its small towns, cozy houses and colorful doors.