SK Interiors | Studio apartment with bow window, 43 m²

Studio apartment with bow window, 43 m²

Initially a one-room apartment turned into a studio apartment with a dressing room, a spacious kitchen, a cozy area for sleeping and rest.

Interior is in a modern style with oriental elements. The customer, a beautiful young girl, travels a lot. It is inspired by the bright, sunny islands of Santorini, the white city of Sidi Bou Said, the doors and windows of houses in which are painted blue, the islands of Malta with its small towns, cozy houses and colorful doors.

When zoning we wanted to make a separate area for sleeping, while leaving enough room to receive guests and arrange parties.

About the object: the apartment is located in Voikovskaya area, Moscow. The total area of 43 m².

Work performed:

  • Development of a planning solution

  • Development of a design concept

  • Preparation of technical documentation

  • 3D-visualization

  • Author's supervision

  • Project completion
    * Repair work was conducted by a team of studio partners.