SK Interiors | Design-project of an apartment in residential complex Rodnoi Gorod, Moscow, 74 m²

Design-project of an apartment in residential complex Rodnoi Gorod, Moscow, 74 m²

One-bedroom apartment in residential complex "Rodnoi Gorod", on Oktiabrskii Field, Moscow. The total area is 74 m². Prior to remodeling, there were two separate rooms, a kitchen with access to a loggia, two bathrooms and a spacious hall.

Planning solution: In the process of layout planning the walls in kitchen and living room were removed, we had large common space for the kitchen-living room - an area of 44 m². We slightly corrected the layout of the bathrooms from the builder, reduced the entrance area to the minimum required, and the remaining room was made a storeroom. The entrance from the kitchen area is separated by a wardrobe for outer clothing, it also creates the right angle - the buffer zone between the entrance and the living quarters. We wanted to create a spacious, air-filled space, so the corridor between the bathrooms, the bedroom and the kitchen-living room is nominally absent. The doors to the bathrooms are hidden by wooden beams, instead of interior partitions.

Design solution: The Interior is in modern style. Clear, minimalistic lines, natural textures, warm color combinations. In our projects we try to use only necessary furniture and decor, the lifestyle of the owners will add the necessary colors. Among the decorative techniques, we want to point out to the corner false curtain rod in the bedroom. A thick curtain on the wall with the TV creates the right mood, we assume that because of the corner window the room seems special. Also, as the curtain rod and curtains are of a decorative nature, it eliminates the need to decorate the wall in addition. The bedroom space is really small, the wall free from excessive decor makes it more spacious, easy on the eyes, emphasizes the luxury of the rest of the elements in the room.

Work performed:

  • Development of a planning solution

  • Development of interior design concept

  • 3D Visualization

  • Development of technical documentation

  • Project completion

  • Author's supervision