SK Interiors | Interior Design Project of a three-room Apartment, apartment complex Silver, 82 m².

Interior Design Project of an Apartment, apartment complex Silver, Moscow, 82 m².

"Eco-Loft" – Interior Design Project of an Apartment, apartment complex Silver, Moscow, 82 m².

It’s an apartment for a family with a child, a dog and a cat. The total area is 82 м², the ceiling height is 3 m.

At the time of the designing, the customers had a baby, so the design planning of the future interior was completely in our hands. The husband is the head of an IT company, the wife is a popular make-up artist, they contacted us at the construction stage, so we had time not only to work out the concept in detail, but also to completely change it.

Planning concept: During the planning process, we had a kitchen-living room, a nursing room, a bedroom with a loggia and two bathrooms. The hall is so spacious that it easily fits a dressing room and a laundry room. There is a kitchen-living room with a spacious kitchen, a comfortable sofa and a folding table for 8 people (unassembled). In the kitchen set there are pet feeding bowls. The cat has its own little nook in one of the kitchen cabinets. There are two more pleasant surprises for the pets: the cat has its own passage to get to one of the bathrooms, and the dog has its own shower for washing the paws in the laundry room.

The choice of style: The wife likes the “eco” style which implies using natural materials and colors. The owner of the apartment likes the loft style which is about rough textures, and industrial lamps. We created a modern interior with elements of the loft style and a bit of the country rustic style.

The interior starts in the kitchen-living room - this is the heart of the apartment, we worked on the other rooms keeping that in mind. The main color of the room is light / milky / vanilla, serving as the background for bright details. The kitchen is the IKEA best-seller, perfect for loft apartments, you can apply microcement on it but at the same time it looks very cozy. We have six-cornered tiles are in the kitchen area, the working area, the hall, and then in the guest bathroom, so the tiles indicate which rooms are the main ones. Then we have the bedroom, the bathroom and the nursing room.

Completed work on:

  • Development of a planning concept
  • Development of an interior design concept
  • 3D Visualization
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Choosing materials, furniture and decor
  • Architectural supervision