SK Interiors | Project Design of the Apartment at Marksistskay Street, Moscow, 52 м².

Interior Project Design of the Apartment at Marksistskay Street, Moscow, 52 м².

It’s an apartment for a young couple with a cat. It’s located on Taganskaya Street.

The total area of the apartment is 52 м², the ceiling height is 2.8 meters.

Planning concept: The serial number of the building is K-4/16. The absence of weight-bearing walls made it possible to completely change the planning concept. We combined the kitchen and the living room, thereby turning two small rooms into a large one. It is important, because the young couple loves having visitors at their place. In the kitchen we have a folding table and it’s quite big, so a group of people can sit at it. The living room has a comfortable sofa and a home theater system. The partitions in the living room and the hall were visually changed, the wardrobes are in the niche – and so is the kitchen. By doing this we got rid of large pieces of furniture and let in some air. When we come into the room all we see is some small space furniture and the sofa. Combining the kitchen and the living room let us make the bathroom bigger, and now it has a laundry closet, a water heater and there’s more space for storing. The balcony doors were removed from the bedroom, and the loggia turned into an office. When working on the planning concept of the apartment, we tried to make it as spacious as we could.

The choice of style: The customers knew right away that they needed a modern, bright interior with lots of light and lots of wood. So that’s what we did: the main rooms are bright, as we chose beige and milky shades for their design. The hallway is brown, it’s dark and casual. The technique which allows us to separate rooms is the highlight of the design.

We used lots of wood in the project: wooden veneer sheets in the niche behind the TV set and in the design of the kitchen set, wooden panels behind the bed, and wood-like mosaic tiles in the bathroom. All the rooms are connected, one room flows into another, which is great for small apartments.

Completed work on:

  • Development of a planning concept
  • Development of an interior design concept
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Choosing materials, furniture and decor
  • Architectural supervision
  • Equipment
  • Moscow, 2019.