SK Interiors | Interior design project for an apartment, Dublin, 73 m²

Interior design project for an apartment, Dublin, 73 m²

Apartment for a young couple, Dublin, Ireland. The project was created in 2020, implemented in 2021. Area - 73 m², ceiling height - 2.42 meters. Customers live and work in Dublin.

Layout solution: in Ireland, there are strict standards for approving the redevelopment and relocation of plumbing, by the way, the approval of plumbing fixtures is stricter than in the Russian Federation, so we only worked on the arrangement of furniture inside existing rooms. The guys bought a secondary apartment with a plan to rent it out in the future. This requirement implies the use of easy-to-implement solutions.

The kitchen-living room is the heart of the apartment, there are three zones: a kitchen, a living room and an office. Office planning has become an additional option that 2020 has added. There are two of them in the apartment: a full-fledged room for the customer, since she often worked at home even before quarantine. Workplace, for the period of isolation, in the living room, for the customer.

We abandoned the dining table in favor of a bar counter for four seats.

The winding and narrow corridor did not allow placing a full-fledged wardrobe, they put a pouf and an open hanger for casual clothes at the entrance, a shallow closet for seasonal clothes closer to the living room.

Choosing a style direction: Scandinavian interior - this decision comes naturally, taking into account the budget and location of the object. All rooms, as it should be for "scandi" interiors, are white, light with bright accents. Only in the bedroom the general style is preserved, but in warmer colors. It serves as a backdrop for furniture and decor.

These are my first customers who asked to create many shelves and open storage systems, shelves in literally every room. The décor is simple yet bold, combining materials, textures and colors.

The palette, in this case, a striking feature of the project is a simple solution that can completely change the atmosphere in the room

Completed works:

  • Development of a planning solution
  • Development of interior design concept
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Selection of materials, furniture and decor
  • Remote consultations in progress
  • Moscow, 2021

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