SK Interiors | Green project in the Green park residential complex, 60 m²

Green project in the Green park residential complex, 60 m²

Green park residential complex, Moscow Area after redevelopment: 60.46 m2

The main idea that inspired the creation of the project Customers like the color in the interior and in life, they like the game and the context. The idea of ​​the interior is to create a modern, stylish, cartoon space for a young family, where the main role is played by color - it is integrated in such a way that, being in the room, you enjoy and reboot.

Tasks (what functional tasks did you need to solve in this space?) - the client dreamed of a beautiful place in the apartment where it would be possible to create a mood with decor and change it (mood) - for example, change paintings, display flowers and decorative accessories. This is how a spacious entrance hall appeared with a chest of drawers between the master bedroom and the children's room, with a composition of three sconces and a painting "Margarita". - abandoned the dining table in favor of the bar counter - a continuation of the kitchen set. This solution functionally divided the space into a kitchen area and a living room, but at the same time, the layout unites those who are sowing in the room - allowing them to comfortably cook and communicate. - an abundance of storage places. The children's room and master bedroom have their own spacious wardrobes. In the hallway of non-standard depth (70 cm) there is a wardrobe for seasonal clothes and shoes, there is also a technical wardrobe (vacuum cleaner, ironing board, steamer, etc.) and a wardrobe with a washing and drying machine. The space for this cabinet was formed after dismantling the guest bathroom, we abandoned it in favor of storage space and a spacious hallway. - create a layout in such a way as to hide the washing and drying machines, they are located in the closet next to the bathroom.

Interior style I created a modern interior with elements from various styles, American classics (furniture facades, wall decor), Scandinavian style - with its simple, upholstered furniture, clean neutral walls and bright accents (prominent walls, catchy art objects), textures, ornaments. The task was not to work in a specific style, I focused on comfort, a sense of space and general mood from being at home, to evoke subconscious associations of calmness, harmony, creativity.

Timing For the development of a design project 4 months. 10 months for implementation.

Completed works:

  • Development of a planning solution
  • Development of interior design concept
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Selection of materials, furniture and decor
  • Author's supervision, equipment
  • Moscow, 2020-2021