SK Interiors | Interior design project of an apartment in the Ultra City residential complex, St. Petersburg, 60 m²

Interior design project of an apartment in the Ultra City residential complex, St. Petersburg, 60 m²

Design project of the interior of an apartment in the Ultra City residential complex, Saint Petersburg. Area after redevelopment: 60 m²

Project Idea The starting point for the development of the project was the customers' wish for a dark interior. They like dark rooms and deep colors. The idea of ​​the project is to create a single backstage space, cozy, inviting to rest and collecting the favorite family stories and traditions of customers

Tasks (what functional tasks did you need to solve in this space?) An apartment with a load-bearing wall in the center of the room, the wall separates one of the bedrooms, an entrance hall and bathrooms from the long room of the rest of the apartment, this wall fetters the layout. It is not possible to re-plan the premises so that the entrance to the second bedroom is not a walk-through through the living room. Therefore, you see a hidden door on the wall with a TV, and all the furniture seems to be specially disguised along with the door. A separate, second bedroom was given as a children's room for a girl, 6 years old. The bedroom is adjacent to the living room for the parents. Both bedrooms are united by a loggia, it was divided into two zones, which block the wardrobe closets in the center, resulting in an adult and children's loggia. An adult workplace, a children's lounge area for reading and playing. The living room and kitchen are also divided into zones. The customers' request was the obligatory visually emphasized division of spaces, where the dining area was for eating, the living room for relaxation. When developing a planning solution, two options for zoning were proposed, one of them you see on the agreed sketches (this is a rack partition, additionally beaten with curtains to enhance the backstage effect), an alternative option was a bookcase and a collection of ducks. The customer collects rubber ducks) While working on the project, we proposed several options for demonstrating the collection so that the solution was non-standard. They took the idea to show the collection as an art object. According to the studio's sketch, a rack will be created with separate cells for each duck.

Interior style Modern style with color block.

Timing For the development of a design project 4 months. At the moment, implementation is underway

Completed works:

  • Development of a planning solution
  • Development of interior design concept
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Selection of materials, furniture and decor
  • Saint Petersburg, 2021-2022