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Interior Project Design of the Apartment at Green Park, Moscow, 60 м². Apartments   |   2021

Modern, minimalistic interior in beige shades, light, using natural materials, without bright colors and accents. This was the technical task of the customers. We used only special furniture, we refused from unnecessary decoration in order to open up the space and get rid of visual noise.
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Interior design project for an apartment, Dublin, 73 m² Apartments   |   2021

Scandinavian interior - this decision comes naturally, taking into account the budget and location of the object. All rooms, as it should be for "scandi" interiors, are white, light with bright accents. Only in the bedroom the general style is preserved, but in warmer colors. It serves as a backdrop for furniture and decor.
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Interior design project of an apartment, residential complex Tushino, Moscow, 76 m² Apartments   |   2020

Заказчица предоставила полную свободу творчества с одним условием — интерьер всей квартиры должен быть белым. Так как площадь небольшая, а домочадцев много, семья любит приглашать гостей, то и вещей много. Чтобы создать ощущение чистоты, спокойствия и раскрыть пространство мы использовали только необходимую мебель, создали достаточное количество мест для хранения, и монохромное цветовое решение в отделке, с контрастными элементами в виде стеклянной перегородки и других поддерживающих ее черных деталей.
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Interior Project Design of the Apartment at Marksistskay Street, Moscow, 52 м². Apartments   |   2019

The project for a two-room apartment, Taganskaya Street, the serial building number is K-4/16, was developed by interior designer Svetlana Kapustina for a young family with a cat. In the process of redevelopment, we got a spacious kitchen-living room, a bedroom with access to a loggia, a bathroom and a hall with more space for storage. Bright apartment in a modern style.
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Design-project of an apartment in residential complex Rodnoi Gorod, Moscow, 74 m² Apartments   |   2018

The Interior is in modern style. Clear, minimalistic lines, natural textures, warm color combinations. In our projects we try to use only necessary furniture and decor, the lifestyle of the owners will add the necessary colors. Among the decorative techniques, we want to point out to the corner false curtain rod in the bedroom. A thick curtain on the wall with the TV creates the right mood, we assume that because of the corner window the room seems special. Also, as the curtain rod and curtains are of a decorative nature, it eliminates the need to decorate the wall in addition. The bedroom space is really small, the wall free from excessive decor makes it more spacious, easy on the eyes, emphasizes the luxury of the rest of the elements in the room.
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Design-project of an apartment in residential complex Europa-City, st. Petersburg, 76 m² Apartments   |   2018

The interior design is made in a modern, laconic style. Clear, minimalistic lines, natural textures, warm color combinations create a cozy, enveloping atmosphere. Simplicity of the lines and the unusual decor show the identity of the owners, make the interior individual.
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