SK Interiors | Design project for a photo studio, Berlin, 32 m²

Design project for a photo studio, Berlin, 32 m²

The room has a total area of 32 m², a ceiling height of 3.5 m², has two purposes: a photo studio and a studio for renting out, for holding master classes.

Planning solution: Hall photo studio complex shape, with two right angles, narrowed to the window. On the wide part of the wall, opposite the entrance is a chromakey, its width is 3 meters, attached to the ceiling. To work with chromakey, daylight is not needed, so its installation in the depth of the room is in our hands. By the window - a soft area with a sofa, neon and flowers. Such an arrangement of the sofa, allows, in the rest of the room, comfortable to place more than 20 chairs for master classes.

In the dressing room left untouched decorative beams, they got from the previous owners. Between them, three tables for makeup, a rail for clothes, a rack, a mirror and a place for storage of chairs and photo equipment stood comfortably.

Choice of style direction: The decoration of the walls in the studio photo studio is independent of each other. During the photo shoot, without leaving the room, you can change several different images. It turned out 3 styles: classic, Scandinavian and boho.

Work performed:

  • Development of a planning solution
  • Development of interior design concept
  • 3D Visualization
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Project completion
  • Author's supervision