SK Interiors | Interior design of a timber house, vladimir region, 200 м²

Interior design of a timber house, Vladimir region, 200 м²

Two-storey house, belongs to a family with a child (boy, 9 years old), is located in the Vladimir region, Novozhilovo village. The house is for permanent residence, built of timber, with gable roof.
The total area is 200 m². The height of the ceilings on the first and second floors is 3 meters.

Planning solution: On the first floor there is a kitchen-living room, a guest bedroom, a boiler room, a bathroom and a hall with a staircase. Kitchen-living room - 40 m², the biggest room in the house. There are: kitchen area, dining table for 8 people, sofa and home cinema - in the living room. The accent in the room is a projection screen.
The owners of the house rarely watch TV and normally in their rooms, so the projector was chosen for family viewing of films, as another reason to gather together more often. There are two false beams on the ceiling, one hides the mechanism of the screen, the second is designed to visually divide the zones, and the projector is also attached to it.

From the kitchen-living room there are two entrances: to the terrace and to the hall. Special attention to the stairs. The under stairs space is equipped with a closet-storage room, the outer wall of the cabinet rises to the level of the second floor and goes up, replacing the staircase. The finishing of this partition is the slats, we illuminated some areas between the slats, this solution replaced the lighting of the stairs and steps.
The second floor - a personal zone of the owners of the house: a bedroom, a nursery, a room for visiting parents and guests, an office, a small bathroom. Each room has access to a spacious balcony.

The choice of style direction: The main style of the interior is modern. Despite the fact that the house is wooden and made of timber, we had to completely get away from the impression that we are at the country house. The main solution for the walls, ceiling and floor was the wood, except for private bedrooms – there we just left wooden elements. The house smells of wood and has its natural charm, but modern furniture, light, technical equipment made the space absolutely cozy and homelike.

We almost do not use bright colors and accents, except for the nursery. The owners will bring colors by themselves in the process of living - clothes, dishes, children's things, books.

Work performed:

  • Development of a planning solution

  • Development of interior design concept

  • 3D Visualization

  • Development of technical documentation

  • Author's supervision