SK Interiors | Interior design of a two-story house, Dublin, 116 m²

Interior design of a two-story house, Dublin, 116 m²

Two-storey house located in a developing area of Belltree, 20 minutes from the city center of Dublin. Made of brick, total area - 116 m2

The owners are young couple, they are working in the field of advertising in Google. They are funny, stylish, love to travel and leisure activities.

Working on this design project, we sought to ensure that one room continuation of the other and the all house will be warm, cozy and bright at any time of the year.

Planning solution: Getting into the hallway we see the stairs and the door to the guest bathroom opposite the main entrance, then on the right hand the door to the kitchen-diner room, on the left hand to the living room. In the kitchen there is a storage room, there we set up a laundry room. Also, from the kitchen-diner room, through large panoramic doors we get into the garden.

On the first floor we have private rooms: master bedroom, guest bedroom and study room, bathroom and shower room.

The highlight of the layout - the bar on the swivel mechanism. There is a dishwasher right under the bar, in order to conveniently load the dishwasher, we can turn the bar counter. Also, this moment has an aesthetic function - we turn the bar counter to the window, have breakfast and enjoy the view of the garden, it even sounds beautiful :)

Style direction: The interior design of a private house in Dublin is made in a modern style. The main color of the walls is neutral beige or gray, with bright accents. Accents not only in color, but also in furniture, lighting fixtures, textiles. We tried to make each room spacious and bright, to preserve the existing sense of space, to complement it with thoughtful and stylish details that create a mood and provide comfort and convenience for many years.

Work performed:

  • Development of a planning solution
  • Development of interior design concept
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Online consultation
  • Creating a design project at a distance
  • The photos

    Interior design concept