SK Interiors | Interior design project for a private house near Moscow, 380 m²

Interior design project for a private house, Moscow Oblast, 380 m²

Design project of the interior of a private house, Moscow region. Area after redevelopment: 380 m²

Project idea Large two-storey house, located 51 km from Moscow, for a family with four children. The layout of the house is complex initially, in the common space the second light crosses the bridge that leads from the stairs to another part of the house. The customers purchased a ready-made house, the layout of which was changed, some walls were completely demolished and new ones were erected, expanding the living area. Somewhere the space has been radically changed, we are applying redevelopment plans.

Problems (what functional tasks needed to be solved in this space?) Create a great common space for families and parties with friends. Each family member has a room, plus two guest bedrooms, two master bathrooms and two guest rooms. And so it happened, on the ground floor there was a bedroom for parents and a room for boys, the smallest, at the time of designing 6 years old, was given a room with a high ceiling, where a second floor was built with a hammock and a large space for playing. From the room of the parents and the elder, you can go to the garden, its pluses :) Girls have personal spaces on the second floor - these are two bright rooms with a separate bathroom. Girls' rooms, a dream for video filming, and just a dream) Both spaces with a mansard ceiling, along the perimeter of which a tape is built that changes the color of the lighting. The younger one also has a ceiling with a starry sky (the implementation of the project can be viewed in saved stories, on instagram skapustina.interiors) and a disco ball.

Interior style The first thing I want to say is that the house is located among pines and firs, when you first get to the site, it seems that you get into a house in the forest. I wanted this to remain the main decoration of the space - the view from the windows. The second is the wishes of the customers, neutral light shades, monochrome with natural materials such as wood, stone. In the process of creating the project, green was introduced as an additional shade. Another wish is a highlight that changes color, TikTok era :)

Timing Design project development: 6 months. Project implementation: 2 years.

Completed work:

  • Development of a planning solution
  • Interior design concept development
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Selection of materials, furniture and decor
  • Author's supervision
  • Package
  • Moscow region, 2020-2022

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