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Design project of the interior of a private house, SNT Mayakovsky, Moscow region, 412 m² Houses   |   2019

Private country house with a total area of 412 m². Modern interior. The decoration used natural materials and colors, wood.
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Design project private spa area, Moscow, 110 m² Houses   |   2019

Design project of spa area with the pool. The total area is 110 m², it's located on the ground floor of the private house.
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Interior design of a timber house, Vladimir region, 200 м² Houses   |   2018

The main style of the interior is modern. Despite the fact that the house is wooden and made of timber, we had to completely get away from the impression that we are at the country house. The main solution for the walls, ceiling and floor was the wood, except for private bedrooms – there we just left wooden elements. The house smells of wood and has its natural charm, but modern furniture, light, technical equipment made the space absolutely cozy and homelike.
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