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Public Spaces

Design project of the Café & Bistro VENUE, Berlin, 126 m² Public spaces   |   2018

Cozy, warm cafe, with the possibility to make a bar or restaurant in the evening in the future. The place is located at the intersection of two streets, in a lively, historic area. The menu concept is breakfast, a stylish presentation. You can independently assemble a set of fresh products for every taste throughout the day.
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Design project for a photo studio, Berlin, 32 m² Public spaces   |   2018

Hall photo studio complex shape, with two right angles, narrowed to the window. On the wide part of the wall, opposite the entrance is a chromakey, its width is 3 meters, attached to the ceiling. To work with chromakey, daylight is not needed, so its installation in the depth of the room is in our hands. By the window - a soft area with a sofa, neon and flowers. Such an arrangement of the sofa, allows, in the rest of the room, comfortable to place more than 20 chairs for master classes.
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