SK Interiors | Design-project of a restaurant, moscow, 178 m²

Design-project of a restaurant, moscow, 178 m²

When developing the design concept, we started from: the history of the brand, the concept of menu, the understanding of location and target audience. The main idea is to create a bright, clean interior with a note of luxury, but without excessive details, where it is important to see food and the people you came with. The restaurant's room is free from partitions and high backs in the landing zone, from narrow passages and zones where visitors sit apart. On the contrary, a single common hall is preserved with the visibility of all guests in the establishment. People come to be together, landing closer to each other, enjoying the evening and food.

Total information:
Design object: Two-level premise in IFC "Liner"
Address: Khoroshevskoe high road, 38A
Area: 178 m². Floor: 1
Ceiling height: 7 m.
Room features: second light – mezzanine storey, corner room, two entrances

About the restaurant:
Working hours: from 12.00 to 02.00
Estimated number of seats: 55-65 people
Cuisine: European, with elements of international cuisines

Atmosphere: In the afternoon it is a place for business, negotiations, lunches in the city, meetings with friends. Delicious food, unobtrusive music, friendly waiters. In the evening it is a fashionable restaurant, a place for meetings, meetings of big noisy groups of friends, dinner before going to a movie or a bar. Muted warm light, light music. This is a restaurant that you want to recommend to friends, a traditional place for lunch, an establishment with a special atmosphere. The design is not obvious, light, warm, unobtrusive. The main emphasis is on the menu.